Friday, March 14, 2014


There is a contemporary Christian radio station here in the Twin Cities (KTIS) that I'm really into lately. I was inspired by the Chris Tomlin song, "White Flag" on the way to work one morning and sketched this out. Lately, with planning the wedding and getting ready to move into a new apartment with Heidi, there's been a lot going on. I'm learning to let go of what I "think" is best for me by surrendering, applying faith, taking one day at a time and trusting God. With this surrender it feels like life falls into place with ease rather than when I rigidly try to control everything. I guess that's why this song really hit home for me. These last nine months have been amazing but certainly came with their challenges. I know that it wouldn't have worked out as well as it has if I didn't trust in God.

4" x 4.75"
Ink, marker, and colored pencil on card stock