Friday, April 25, 2008

"Who Wears Short Shorts?"

Well, It's official. My dignity has been totally compromised at Legoland. As if the striped shirt wasn't goofy looking enough, the employees alternative to pants are short shorts and red socks. I tried it for one day and have to admit, they're really comfortable. But with comfortibility comes lack of respect (from your coworkers and guests.)

Here's some caricatures from the park.

On a side note, the drawing classes at Studio 2nd Street are going well. It's weird. Lately all I'm interested in is drawing and getting better. Girls usually cross my mind during the day, but not often. I'm really focused with what I'm doing and love learning with my teachers.


its me foo! said...

lol. that hulk body is cool mang! you should post your group one of the employees. good stuff man

El Batman said...

dignity is overrated