Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flapper Designs

My art teacher in high school told us about combining two different ideas to make something fun and different. Like the person that came up with chocolate and peanut butter together... that's genius... OK maybe not genius but it was a good enough idea to the people that began Reese's candy.
Lately animation has been a huge inspiration to me and these flapper designs where my effort to combine that with my love for graphic design. It was also an experimentation with style. I feel like some things worked and others I'd probably revisit and change. The last two designs are my favorites, particularly because of the gesture and angularity of the poses.
Thanks for stopping by!


Twan said...

Wowee Taylor, these are really fun!
You did a great job of combining the graphic/animated elements.
I see a lot of Disney's Hurcules and Sleeping Beauty.
Sweet stuff duder, Some Day I will be proud to say, "that guy pooed in the same toilet"

Keep it real man, and remember,"we all flush as one."

Natalie Farrell said...

HAHA! Oh man, your friend cracked me up big time. But seriously Taylor, awesome work. It looks so simple, but I can not make anything near as fun and keep my lines as simplified as that.