Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sketch Book Caricatures

Here's a couple caricatures pulled from the sketchbook. The first one is of the rapper, Emenem. I think it's funny how he looks so serious or doesn't smile in his pictures so I decide to "lighten the mood." As my project manager would say, "somebody needs a hug..." The second caricature is of the auther, Franz Kafka done for the Caricaturama Showdown 3000 over at Facebook. I haven't drawn a lot of caricatures in the last year and these were some challenges from my friend, Ricardo, so thanks for pushing me, buddy. It was a lot fun!


Ricardo Vsqz said...

Hey man glad you been havin fun with the challenges, and by the way its EMINEM...spellcheck hehe.

By the way I wanna see more scans from your're just a tease hehe.

Natalie Farrell said...

"Must be a case of the Moooondays!" Poor Em, he's always gotta look "The part". Nicely done, man!

Stephan said...

I really like the portrait of Franz Kafka. Awesome caricature of an great writer... you have captured him very well!