Friday, August 12, 2011

"Shiver Me Whiskers!"

Going with the pirate theme here. :) Just another drawing that makes me happy and also, a new t-shirt design over at my RedBubble store.

Also, I'm really happy to share that there's a new roommate with me at Wayzata Lake Apartments. Meet, Tootsie! (a.k.a. Gato Meowpur) She's 4 years old last month and was adopted last Saturday. I've never had a pet before so it's been an experience this last week, but a good one for sure! Here's a couple picks of her at the new home. The picture of her on the window ledge is her looking down at a muskrat (I think) outside. And the picture of her on the toilet cracks me up thinking of Jinkxy the cat from "Meet the Parents." :)

8/13/2011 (Blog Post Update)

This just in... Tootsie is actually a guy!? This blows my mind! Some how the animal shelter seemed to miss this one, and so did I! Wow... I don't know if that's an insult to my cat's "manhood" or a mistake in the paper work, but oh well. I took my cat to the vet today for a check up and it's confirmed... she is actually a he! So from this day forward, Tootsie is renamed to Stimpson J. Cat (Stimpy).


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Twan said...

coool man! cute roommate you got there