Friday, August 17, 2012

Thank You

This was a recent typography design done for work (back to school series). It made me think about how important teachers are in every one's life. I also thought about the teachers that really helped me through the years, including my mom who was a first grade teacher. The art teachers though, really come to mind as a few of them really helped me find my way over the years. Even if it wasn't about art, they always had an ear ready to listen about things that weren't even related to art and always sound advice and encouragement that was so generously given. There were a few nights my roommates and I would talk to our instructor Ron about art, life, career, etc. well past an hour or two after class. They were more than teachers; they were friends, mentors and sometimes therapists. And so this blog post is meant to be a gesture of gratitude to all the teachers of the world that give so much love to their students.

Thank you.

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Natalie Farrell said...

I LOVE this!!! Both my parents are teachers, and they work hard to the bone. Definitely a great message you wrote and I couldn't agree more. Love the art work.

PS. I must be getting old because I can't read the numbers/letters to match the verification. If this posts, that means I succeeded.