Saturday, March 16, 2013

Cartoon Robot Designs

Here are some robot designs and sketches I did for Urban Threads recently. The top drawing was a little detailed and we decided on going for a more "chunky and blocky" look. The design is geared (pun intended) for kids so I think it was a good call.

I enjoy seeing into the process of some one's thoughts and love looking at artist's sketchbooks. It's sort of like the bonus footage on a DVD you enjoy. They show you behind the scenes of the film or commentary from the director about their thoughts, budget, location, etc. I love that stuff.


Twan said...

Looking good bro, I like your job has pushed you to master these simplistic designs so well..everything that needs to be there, and nothing that doesn't. one question tho, which one am I? I want some TMNT Cards!

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks, Antwan! I'll try and draw you and Matt in there for the next robot series and caricature it some how. :)