Sunday, November 15, 2009


This post is pretty random but I wanted to share some of the things I've been up too.

The top drawing is a portrait study from a Yim Mau Kun drawing. This was a nice way to study an artist's technique and to get some drawing time in, especially when the luxury of a model isn't available.

The second drawing is a caricature of Kevin Dillion's character, Johnny Drama from Entourage. It's a good series but I don't watch often unless I'm with my brother. I'm always asking my brother what happened last weekend and follow the show through him.

Finally, the last drawing is of a swimsuit model from a Sports Illustrated magazine. I found this when I was cleaning my room at my mom's house, and since I wasn't employed at the time, between the Yim Mau Kun, sexy lady drawings and teaching a drawing class at my old high school, this kept me pretty busy. I used india ink with really florescent colors for this drawing... but unfortunately the colors didn't translate through the scan so I'm still trying to figure out how to get those really bright, saturated colors through digital media.

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Matthew said...

Whoa! Nice Mau Kun!! Did you use a slipper sole on this?

I actually used a neon green/yellow highlighter once...although the color did not translate so well, when I put it on grayscale, I noticed that the area was bright, even, and spotless. I think this may be beneficial in clean up time on line art, and help to preserve some of the details once scanned. Might be worth looking into...either that, or neon paper?

Seet post man

Matthew said... embarassing...
what I meant to say was...seed postman.

Ricardo Vasquez said...

That Mau Kun is awesome man!! Great stuff as usual and thats great that you're teachin. Congrats!!:)

jimbodraw said...

Nice work Taylor!

Amy Thurlo said...

i love the swimsuit model!

Marlon Amaro said...

Loving the Johnny Drama! I watch Entourage all the time, and you've really captured his character in here. Well done.