Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The top drawing is study from Charles Bargue. This was a great way to sharpen the eye. The image on the left is the Zerox copy of his and the one on the right is mine. There's a certain procedure to follow when drawing these and the process took around 60 hours to complete! Well worth it too.

The bottom painting was study of Chuck Close's work from 2007. It's a self portrait (back when I had spiky hair) and the idea is that color isn't as important as it's value and the placement of it on the canvas. This was a fun experimentation and a chance to just mess around with paint.


Matthew said...

There it is...the Bargue study of legends.

Nice job man...your eye and your focus is razor sharp!

Brian Weisz said...

Nice work Taylor. You are working really hard, keep it up man!

Amy Thurlo said...

Taylor, you continue to inspire me :)

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks everyone!