Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sketch Book Stuff

Here's some of my favorite drawings from the last couple months since moving back to Minnesota. The sketch book I've been using has this middle tone for paper, which is great for working with darks and lights. One of my favorite new things to sketch with are white out pens. This sketch book (to me) is about experimenting with value and having fun. Some times I find that my favorite drawings come from experimentation or just not caring about how the final drawing will turn out. These were all drawn from photographs which were used as inspiration. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I had fun drawing them!


Matthew said...

Hey...these are awesome. Makes me wonder what else ya got in that book. I especially like the buildings...what medium is that?

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks, dude.
On the buildings I used grey scale Prisma markers for value and then Prisma pencils for color.

Twan said...

really cool dude, I like that ink panting style.