Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Food For Thought

Here's some kind of new art from the last couple months. The top image is another from my sketchbook inspired by Joshua Middleton. I remember seeing his work on X-Men covers when I was younger and recently fell in love with his work all over again. The second image is a caricature of Will Ferrell from the movie Anchorman. Couple of my friends from California are drawing celebrities for fun so that's our new thing. Finally, the last image is of an adult actor Jessie Jane done for a friend. I like how the ink in the background turned out, and as always, drawing sexy woman is a plus.

There's something that's been on my mind and apart of my focus the last couple months that is worth mentioning. If anything, I just want to talk about it more because I've kept most of it to my self and it's worth sharing . What I'm talking about is the laws of attraction and positive thinking.

About two years ago my mom gave me this book called "the Secret." It's a group of professional teachers, philosophers and speakers that share how they have come to understand the laws of the universe. It has a lot to do with gaining control of your thoughts and getting what you want in life. The ideas shared in this book are closely related to the New Testament from the Bible. What's really interesting to me is the more I research, the more it seems all other ideas, practices and religions that are out there all have many similarities.

I could talk about this till the cows come home, but for what it's worth, I'm really grateful to learn and practice from these teachings. I owe a lot of my good fortunes, relationships, health and wealth to this way of living. Each day is a blessing and there's a lot to be said about gratitude. Each day I look forward to learning more about these teachings.

Ooofda! That was a lengthy one. Thanks for stopping by! :)


Laura said...

I have had "The Secret" on my nightstand for about a year. I tried to read through it, but wan't really feeling perceptive or like I had time to invest in that book. Did you read the entire thing?

Taylor S Smith said...

Yes I did, couple of times too. I'd recommend it but at the same time wouldn't force it on anyone. A lot of it I think relates to holistic ideas/practices. Good food for thought. :)

Tauma'oe said...

yo tay dog! awesome sketches bro. ya ive read that book a while back. What i got out of it was the whole idea of power behind the mind. when you think about it, when you will yourself to do things sometimes or i should say nearly all the time, it happens! the idea of throwing positive thoughts into the universe and sort of soak it back up is just a way to kind of illustrate that same idea. it was a very interesting book. i heard theres a documentary out there too havent seen it though. have you read
"the way of the superior man" by david deida? no real relation to "the secret" but you might get something out of its ideas on work. hope all is well man!