Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friends... and more Drama!

Here's a couple recent drawings. To start it out, the top one is another celebrity caricature of Kevin Dillon's character, Johny Drama. I started this in October when I just moved back to Minnesota and just never got around to coloring it.

The second image is of two friends of mine, Dan and Natalie. They're both caricature artists at Legoland and super cool people. Natalie loves food and we used to talk about our favorite taco shops in Encinitas whenever it was slow at work. Dan, well, he's pretty much the man. They have been friends for a while but it was around Christmas time when I saw on Facebook that they were dating now and became inspired to draw this.

The last drawing is of another California friend/artist... Ricardo Vasquez. Another good man to say the least. To contrast his love for death metal music, Ricardo is probably one of the kindest guys you'll meet. A friend to all and a lover of life I can't say enough good things about him and his family. This was a warm up drawing before working on a freelance project today.

Finally... I've been listening to some art(pod)casts of Stephen Silver. Very inspirational and great food for thought, especially if you're into animation, caricature and passion for art. Check it out if you get a chance and thanks for stopping by!


Natalie Farrell said...

Taylor this is amazing!!!! Dan and I love the artwork! This just made my whole night. But darnit, Dan called shot-gun in using it as his main profile picture on facebook. Damn the man....

I love the one you did of Ricardo as well. What am I saying? I love ALL your artwork! Very true words about Ricardo. I miss us all hanging out together.

Matthew said...

Nice Art Taylor! Is the middle one colored in photoshop...or is that painted?

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks guys!
Yea I forgot to mention, the middle one is scanned from my sketchbook and then colored in Illustrator.

Twan said...

"hey turtle, d'you think my calves look alright?"

Wow Taylor, really cool stuff