Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Threadless T-Shirt Submission

New T-shirt design up for voting at Threadless.com

If you have an account set up at their site, it only takes a couple seconds to give it a vote. Careful though! My disclaimer is that voting on T-shirt designs is like eating potato chips... you can't just have one! By that I mean it's easy to vote for one, and then two, and then thirteen. But it is a lot of fun to see what people are creating over there. :) Good stuff, homie!


Coby said...

Voted! Thought this was kind of funny... "Awww, this is a shame!

If you are seeing this, it is because Taylor S Smith has NO web presence stuff filled out AND hasn't written any blogs! We hope that they do become a bit more social. Isn't community and sharing fun? "

:D There's also a link to your design for peeps to share on FB with their friends! Git 'er done son! and Good Luck!!

Gad said...

i just voted for you
liked you shirt very much

so much i followed you to your blog

Taylor S Smith said...

Haha, yeah they know how to make you feel like you should get more active with their website.

Thanks guys!