Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Beginnings

Really happy to share the good news. Last month I proposed to my girlfriend (now fiance) Heidi and we plan to marry next year in the Spring. This is a sketch I did of us and my cat Stimpy. Our first family portrait. :)

I am blessed.

She's my best friend and I am grateful God has brought us together.


Matthew said...

Congrats Taylor!

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks Matt :)

Twan said...

Dude dude dude!!! thats great!

Congrats man.
I will be in Shockopee for like a week in Aug, so you best believe we are having some breakfast

Laura said...

congrats Taylor!! So happy for you!

Taylor S Smith said...

Thanks, Antwan. That sounds great!

Thank you, Laura!